Guatemala otra vez

Aidan and I (somewhat) spontaneously planned a quick trip to Guatemala. We both took off a little time from work after the holidays and Aidan got an online winter class and we headed to Guatemala City. I hadn’t been there in nearly six years and Aidan had never been at all. It felt completely amazing to be back. Guatemala is a country that is endlessly beautiful, tiring, sad, inspiring, and lovely all once.

This is going to be a short post honestly because I’m still thinking about what exactly I want to do with this blog at this point but anyways heres a quick run down! We stayed in Antigua just outside Guatemala city over the new year, which is aย nice, small, and beautiful town. The new year was really fun and we counted down in a crowded street full of people. After Antigua we went to Xela, the second city, where I used to live. I was so glad to be back and while some things have changed it’s relatively the same. I saw some old friends and we explored a lot, ate good food, and one morning went out to Chico Mendes (check it out, very cool reforestation project). We went to the lake, Atitlan, for a few days. We stayed in San Pedro which is kind of overflowing with expat hippies but we had fun and it is gorgeous. We returned to Antigua for a little bit at the end and I got to see an old friend/trip leader from my first summer in Guatemala who has a super cute new baby now ๐Ÿ™‚ I love Guatemala and would recommend traveling there highly.

In not long I am starting my final semester of school here in New York. I don’t know for sure what I am doing after school but maybe it will be something I can blog about on here, we will see! Besos.