Israel and Jordan

Wow I got home several weeks ago now, but have been too busy to put anything on here because the morning after I flew back from Tel Aviv I jumped right into my first day of my last fall semester of school. The month I spent in Israel and Jordan was educational, beautiful, and hot.

I started the trip on a Taglit with a program organizer called Israel Experts. I would highly recommend this company to anyone thinking about Taglit because they are just a bit different than the average and super open minded. I made some amazing friends even though it was just ten days. We also had an amazing guide and group of young Israelis with us. We packed a ton into just a week and a half so it would be hard to describe it all but some highlights for me were hiking up mount Masada at sunrise, kayaking in the Jordan River, going to the borders of Gaza and Syria, the lectures we were able to hear, and the Bahai Gardens in Haifa which are gorgeous. I was surprised by just how much I loved the trip and how sad I was when it ended and I had to say goodbye to everyone.

After the trip ended I i was lucky enough to stay for a bit with some family who live in a city right by Tel Aviv called Givatayim. We went to the beach a bunch in Tel Aviv which has to be one of the best beaches on the mediterranean. We went to a Bar Mitzvah of my cousin’s cousin, and just generally went out and about in the city of Tel Aviv.

When I left my cousins I went on my own to Jordan. It took me nearly the whole day to travel from Tel Aviv to Amman. I crossed at the North border crossing near Beit She’an. The border was really quiet. I met two foreigners who shared a cab with me on the Jordan side to get to the closest city, Irbid, and take a bus to the capital, Amman. Amman was really enormous and quite an interesting city. Jordanian women are very modest, by my standards at least. I tried my best to dress appropriately but I still felt I stood out a lot which gets uncomfy after a while. I stayed in Jordan over a week and I really loved it but being a foreign woman alone there was frustrating. Jordan has a lot of incredible ruins and beautiful desert. Petra was of course a highlight and I spent most of a whole day exploring it which was incredible.

I left Jordan through Aqaba in the South. On the Israel side I was excited to comfortably wear a swim suit again and swim in the sea at the beach in Eilat. I travelled back to Jerusalem because I felt there was more to see there that I missed during Taglit. Jordan is one of the most fascinating and beautiful cities in the world I think. I spent a few days there, ate good food, wandered, and visited the dome of the rock, the old city, etc. After Jerusalem I was running out of time. I headed back to Tel Aviv for a little more time with family, the beach, and eventually my flight back to New York just in time for school.

This semester is crazy because I have a full course load, my jobs, work in a lab at school, and also I am running cross country. It’s a bit overwhelming but hopefully it goes quickly. No specific travel planned for me next at the moment but we shall see… mucho amor ❤ Oh and if you have any specific questions about travelling in Israel, Taglit, or Jordan message me. Here are a few photos: Dome of the Rock Jerusalem, Treasury in Petra Jordan, Dead Sea Israel, and with my cousins in Tel Aviv.