Summer in New York City

It is summer here in New York City but it really hardly feels like it because I am doing summer class and working. It is unbearably hot though so theres that 🙂 My summer class is called the chemistry of cooking. I am learning a lot about food structures. I can’t say it’s thrilling but we did make pretty good pancakes the other day with homemade jam. I’ve been working at the hardware store and babysitting lots. At least all the parks have the sprinklers on now which is refreshing. In the little free time I have I’ve been running a lot. I ran my first 5k race in forever the other day and it was super fun. I cannot wait for my summer class to end next week so I can enjoy the weather a bit more and maybe even head to the beach! Anyways the real reason I am posting is to let you know I do have some travel plans coming up for the end of the summer!! I am going to Israel where I have not been since I was about 14, I believe, and I am super excited. Additionally I plan to go to Jordan. Hopefully I will have time to write a bit about it on here so stay posted ❤ This pic is from last night on my roof. Super hermosa no?IMG_4910


Author: maxineisland

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