“enfocat en lo que sientes y navegalo”

So as crazy as it seems to me, study abroad is wrapping up. I haven’t written in a bit since the end of my program has been a lot of work and keeping me very busy. Im close to done with everything now and this week is exam week here in Costa Rica and then we are done! I did manage to squeeze in one last beach weekend. I went to Montezuma last weekend which was amazing, one of my favorite places here. To get there we took a bus, a ferry, and then another bus since the town is out on a peninsula. The ferry boat ride was stunningly beautiful because the ocean is really calm between the peninsula and the main land. There are mountains all around. On the ferry they also serve food, beer, and play music. Everyone danced like crazy, it was really fun. Montezuma had a few cute restaurants, a big beach, and a waterfall that we hiked to. On Saturday night we ended up at the towns soccer field watching a local soccer game which was pretty good. We had a fun time watching the game.

I have a mere five days left in Costa Rica. I taught my last English class (photo at the bottom of last day with our students) and I have begun to start planning my little trip to Nicaragua with my mom who is coming down to see me. Im gonna miss San José, my host family, and my friends here. Stay posted to hear about my week exploring Nicaragua with my mom and going back to the US. Till next time, Pura Vida. IMG_4101.JPG


A Baby, Nicaragua, and back to San José!

So much has been happening here! Most importantly, my host sister had her baby and Luciana is perfect and so freaking cute. I came home from a weekend at the beach and there she was 🙂 She is now the best distraction ever from school work and I love to hold her as much as I possibly can. Will be very sad to leave this little chica, and everyone else in my host fam of course. I definitely got very lucky with them, super cool family.

Next most important thing that happened is we went on our program’s trip to Nicaragua. I had been really looking forward to this and it did not disappoint, I loved it. Nicaragua is very different than Costa Rica but they are both great. For starters Nicaragua is much cheaper, we left the land of the overpriced for a few days. Nicaragua is poorer and more recently ended it’s dictatorship and war, but it is a beautiful and inspiring country with a lot of good things on the horizon. We took a bus on Thursday at 230 in the morning and arrived in Nicaragua by early afternoon. They stamped my passport over another stamp which drives me crazy, but oh well. We stayed in the city of Granada. Granada is colonial, colorful, and lovely if not a little too touristy. We had two guides, Bosco and Octavio who showed us around. We went to a volcano that is one of the worlds most active and was only a little bit terrifying, but so beautiful that it’s worth a visit. We helped re-paint a school with a group of fifth and sixth graders which was pretty fun. We went to an island on the big lake, we took a city tour, and we drove around a lot seeing the Nicaragua countryside just a bit outside the city. On Saturday for halloween we made some impromptu costumes and went out to a party. Coming back was okay because I know that I will be going back right after the program ends to meet my mom and travel there a bit more. Really excited to return. The food is also quite different, a lot of meat but what I could eat I liked.

Now I am back in San José and super busy! Just about three more weeks of the semester which is loco! Plus I have to do things like register for classes, look for an apartment in NYC (just kill me now), and take finals and such. Plus we gotta squeeze in a little more beach 🙂 Mucho Amor, Pura Vida till next time, and here is a picture of a beach ❤