Las Cosas

A few things I have failed to mention about Costa Rica:

  1. There are almost no addresses here. I am not joking. This is the only country I have ever been to in the world with this large scale of a refusal of the modern mailing and address system in 2015. I get it, it’s kind of cool to be like ‘yeah we are so chill in Costa Rica we just describe where you go it’s so casual’ but come on now everyone it is so confusing. I am living in the capitol, this is no small town and we are actually giving cab drivers directions like 200 meters past the green church and 300 meters east past the white house and the chicken tienda on the corner it is the red house on the right side. People have to have PO boxes here because seriously the mail can’t really be delivered. Oh and lastly google maps, forget it, not so helpful, sigh. But it’s unique ehhh
  2. Gallo Pinto is the most commonly thought of food when you think of Costa Rican Cuisine, it is as far as I can tell just beans and rice mixed together and in some areas also has coconut milk. It is somehow so delicious though and mostly eaten at breakfast. I am a heavy breaky kind of woman so I really like it, more Gallo Pinto por fa 🙂
  3. The buses here are pretty cheap and go all over the city so it sounds great and all but there are almost zero marked bus stops and there is no such thing as a bus map or anywhere to view a buses route so these buses are seriously just for locals and anyone who wants to beg a local for directions.
  4. Costa Rica is rated one of the happiest countries in the world. This is a super commonly quoted fact and Costa Ricans seem pretty proud of it. One of my professors did say though that when that rating came out Costa Ricans where sort of surprised, like ‘oh is the rest of the world especially sad? Who knew we were so darn happy!’ But he said he thinks it had a sort of self fulfilling prophecy effect and Costa Ricans were going around saying they were so happy it just sort of made everyone happy. Idk if that is true but interesting I guess. I do feel like this is a pretty happy place. Whats not to be happy about, a pretty good economy, a pretty big middle class, super good education system, beaches, mountains, forest, gallo pinto, no army therefor no war, healthcare, etc. The national slogan here is Pura Vida which means pure life so if that doesn’t describe Costa Rica not sure what does. People say it literally all the time too, it’s not just a slogan on their signs or something it is used as a hello, goodbye, whats up, and everything in between. I mean pura vida am I right? They also have this other cool word, Mae, which translates to dude I guess but it really is just what people call any man or woman they are close friends with. Pura Vida Mae, your getting it.
  5. Costa Rica is really expensive just had to clear that up for anyone who thought otherwise, I guess it is nice that their economy is doing so well and all but my dollars don’t go that far, prices here are like New York prices, ugh not about that. Some things are cheaper like rent and buses but food not so much.

Well I guess that is all I can think of at the moment. Pura Vida Mae.


Author: maxineisland

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