Playa Playa Laya

So as you definitely already know, I really love the beach. I have been discovering some pretty gorgeous beaches here in Costa Rica and I love it. My little host sister Monse calles the Playa La Laya, hence the title <3. The past two weekends I spent at the Beach. First I went to Quepos and Manuel Antonio and then this past weekend I went to Puerto Viejo, Manzanillo, and briefly Limon and I gotta tell you about all of it. Right now I am back in San José drowning in school work and avoiding it by playing with my host siblings and such but anyways I gotta back up.

Two weekends ago Aidan, Lyle, and I went to Quepos, the little town next to the National Park Manuel Antonio on the Pacific Coast. They have good restaurants, bars, and a brand new very luxurious Marina with tons of nice boats. We ate bagels at a Jewish bakery called Brooklyn Bakery and we had the most enormous cheap and delish taquitos. On Saturday we took the bus down the road to Manuel Antonio to spend the whole day at the beach which was gorgeous and the water was amazing. We stayed until the sun set over the ocean.

Last weekend was a long weekend because of Dia de Culturas on Monday (Thats right, It is not Columbus day, it’s Cultural Diversity day they celebrate here). We took the bus on Friday to Puerto Viejo. Puerto Viejo is super touristy but really adorable and there is a plethora of restaurants of all cuisines and a lot of night life. We stayed at a hostel covered floor to ceiling in mosaic, sculpture, and other art. The first day there we spent the day at the beach in town called Playa Negra. It is a black sand beach and was a relatively cool day which was nice and the beach wasn’t too crowded either. That night Aidan and I went on a two year anniversary date at a nice restaurant and ate fish, super yum. The second day we met up with all the other students at another beach nearby called Manzanillo, a little town with a gorgeous but also crowded beach. We swam all day and it was really hot. At both lunch and dinner that day we waited a million years for our food and I thought I would die of hunger but it’s okay the beach that day was super bueno. On Monday we thought Carnival was starting in the city of Limon so we went but there was not really anything to see so we wandered a little to see the waterfront before our bus back to San José.

Now I am home and planning this coming weekend of course! Update on my host sister, still super pregnant and don’t know why the baby isn’t here omg but her induction is scheduled for Friday morning so only 3 days left maximum ❤


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