Whoever said study abroad is easy and there isn’t a lot of work definitely did not do this program… I like what I’m learning here but we seriously do a lot of work. I finally have a minute so I thought I’d tell you all whats up!

Two weekends ago now was our trip to Tortugero, Pacuare with the program. We all left at six in the morning which was brutal but I slept a lot on the bus. When we got off the bus we had to ride a boat to the lodge in Pacuare, it is the only way in to the community. It was so beautiful, I am such a boat ride person. We went down a man-made river for about 40 minutes and we saw everything from monkeys and crocodiles to sloths and even dolphins who swim in from the ocean and played around near our boat for a while.

The lodge we stayed at had tents with cots in them and lots of hammocks by the water. It was really lovely and the family that lived there and owned it cook us good food and they also had two super adorable boys ages 2 and 10. Jerome, the little one, was especially sweet and hung out with me a lot 🙂 I couldn’t understand half of what he mumbled in little kid Spanish but thats okay.

There is a school in Pacuare that has 8 students and needs a lot of upkeep. When we were there we spent a few hours moving dirt to help raise the path to the school which often floods. I hope we were a little bit helpful in some way, it seemed like a cool little community.

The next day we stopped by a turtle egg rescue place which was interesting. They pay locals to walk the beaches at night and get turtle eggs before the poachers do and then they relocate them to a small section of beach watched by volunteers 24/7. I guess it was pretty neat.

This past weekend we stayed in San José but decided to make good use of it. I checked out some local stores I had been wanting to see, when to a green market, a book fair, and of course we went out! It was a nice weekend but this weekend I am looking forward to beach again. I am going to the national park Manuel Antonio which is supposed to be gorgeous, stay posted and live the pura vida mae (hahahahaha I can’t say that seriously). Okay besos from San José!

Oh one last thing! My host sister is going to have a baby within the next 12 days maximo and im sooooo excited! Just had to let you know 🙂


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