Universidad y Jaco

Now that I am two weeks into classes I’m going to finally tell you a little about what I’m taking, if your interested! On Mondays and Wednesday I take rural and urban sustainable development in the morning and Spanish in the afternoon. My morning class is a lot of work but it’s interesting. We are going to be talking a lot about sustainable development in Costa Rica and like the world to I guess. This is an important but always depressing topic so it’s great for the morning. My Spanish class is super small just three other students and it is a conversation class so it’s pretty easy and fun. So far Ive rambled about my hometown a lot.

On Tuesday and Thursday mornings I volunteer with three other students at an organization called La Cometa in Tirrases which is a pretty underserved and poor area about 20 minutes away by bus. I posted a picture of it the other day. It’s a seriously beautiful area and I am excited to be working with La Cometa. We will be teaching English classes to young women about our own age and also helping teach and watch their children. We take the bus out together in the morning and stay till lunch time. We’ve been there twice and are making lesson plans but our class doesn’t begin until next week, Im super excited. In the afternoons I have my women and gender studies class which also focuses on Latin America and seems really interesting. The teachers cool and the readings seem interesting.

On Fridays I have a community engagement class which is sort of anthropology I guess, not even sure how to really describe it and then we get out early for the weekend. This past weekend all ten of us took our first trip to the beach for a few days. We stayed at a super nice hostel (felt more like a low key resort) in a town called Jaco on the Pacific coast. It was beautiful and so hot there. We hung out at the beach and at the pool. The black sand at the beach was gorgeous and there were a lot of iguanas chillin in town. Going out there to dance was fun too. I was not ready to go back to the city.

This week we had a cultural event and went on an evening city art walk. It was nice to go into the city and we got dinner at a Lebanese restaurant. It was bomb even though I saw a few cockroaches on the ground. I also saw some cool street art downtown that made me wanna go explore some more.

Thats about it. This weekend we are going somewhere super rural and hot im told and were doing some volunteer stuff and maybe seeing a waterfall? Stay posted. Mucho amor from Costa Rica. Pura Vida.


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