El refugio y mas

Hard to believe but we are already coming to the end of our stay in Samaipata. I haven’t written in a while because my computer died for no apparent reason which was great but oh well hopefully I can get it fixed when I get back to the US. A lot has happened since I last wrote.

First there was a big car rally race here in town which brought loads of drunk people to party in the streets all weekend long. It was pretty crazy. The little rally cars say the the drivers and navigators names on the side and their blood types which is a little scary if you ask me. They had fireworks and everything so it was sort of cool except super loud all night and a pretty drunken mess and Dave had to work as a bouncer at the bar which hardly ever happens here in this tranquillo town. Aidan and I woke up early and saw some of the rally cars head out which was neat.

We also finally made it to the cuevas which are the nearby waterfalls down the road. It was super beautiful there and just as I remembered it from a few years ago when I was last here. We hiked around and then went for a little swim in the river. It was a hot sunny day and good for laying on a rock in the river with my feet in the water.

Another cool thing we heard about was an abandoned house up one of the mountains with a great view of the town from the second floor. We took a bottle of wine in our backpacks and hiked up one afternoon to be there in time for sunset. The hike is straight up and tiring but so worth it. The abandoned house was gorgeous, or was going to be gorgeous but not ever completed. We walked around the rooms deciding what they were all going to be. There was a big patio and barbecue and even a little pond. The master bedroom has a big window with an incredible view of the mountains and town. Hiking up there at sunset was one of the coolest things we’ve done here for sure.

Tomorrow night we are planning to leave on a bus to Sucre if all goes as planned which is exciting but we are also pretty sad to leave all the awesome people we have met here. It has definitely been a memorable and awesome time. besos for now


Author: maxineisland

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