Living in a Bar (and Santa Cruz Visit!)

So another band played at the bar on a Saturday, a group of French travelers who had a brass band! The bar was pretty loco that night but a lot of fun. Working at the bar is going well. Also Aidan and I have finally gotten out a bit more here. We took a walk down the highway a ways and also finally went out to the ruins called El Fuerte. Aidan said it was his first time ever seeing any ancient ruins and I honestly thought it was pretty cool too, no Machu Picchu but cool. We also stopped in the archeology museum in town which is interesting if you like looking at a lot of old clay pots. The best was the views of the mountains from up at the fort, super beautiful.

We attempted to make a pizza the other day and for the fourth of July we made Mac n Cheese and Apple Pie, so American. Who knew that we would come to Bolivia to start watching a ton of Masterchef Australia and cook a bunch?

Now we are in Santa Cruz for the night! This morning we left Samaipata early with Dave. He was going to Santa Cruz to get some work done on the car and we thought a ride would be nice. We got about thirty minutes down the road when we came upon a roadblock of cars and trucks double parked as far down the road as we could see. Someone told us there was a mudslide and some trucks were stuck. Dave was like yup I am not going, I’m turning right around before I get parked in. Aidan and I decided not to turn around. We thought we would walk to the other side of the block and hitch a ride. We walked several miles past gridlock of buses cars and massive trucks it was completely awful and crazy. People had been there for who knows how long. We saw only one fight breaking out surprisingly.

At the other side of the block we ran into some English girls we’d met at the bar and decided to hitchhike together. A Bolivian family who had driven out from the city but decided to turn back picked us up. They were a family of four and all sat in the front seat of the car. At least one of them was a cute baby. The other four of us sat in the back seat. It was a very full car. We made it the rest of the way without trouble.

Being back in a city is a cool change of pace after almost a month out in the mountains. Despite what anyone else says I like Santa Cruz a lot. We wandered a bit and I got ice cream at Vaca Fria, a chain ice cream place that I had been dying to return to since last time I was here three years ago, strange I know, but for real it is amazing ice cream. It was just as good as I remembered. I was thrilled.

We went and lined up at the migration office a half hour before siesta ended and thank goodness we did, the line was crazy long by the time they opened the doors. After waiting nearly two hours we were called to a window and the guy told us he didn’t have the stamp to give us another month here. Uhm but it’s the migration office… We waited longer for another guy to run upstairs find the stamp and finally glance at our passports and give us thirty more days, phew! I took a deep breath and we were finally done.

We got dinner at a pizzeria and dropped our stuff at our hostel then we went to a movie at the cine 🙂 It was spontaneous and a good idea. We saw the Reese Witherspoon and Sophia Vergara movie and I swear as stupid as it looks it was actually hilarious and everyone in the theatre laughed out loud the whole time. Plus we got another Vaca Fria. Life is good and now I have a Mojito by the pool. It’s funny to be in a city and have real internet and stuff but it’s nice. Back to the mountains tomorrow. Besos Bebas.


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