Island Kid For Lyfe

About a week ago I rented a car for the first time ever which actually excited me an unnecessary amount and I stuffed my life into it. I like driving in cool sunglasses and singing loudly with the radio. Even though it was a small SUV I had a horrifying amount of junk in my room and it barely fit. Although I love New York I was really excited to leave and go home to Maine. I cruised up to Maine with satellite radio and everyone else going to vacationland for memorial day weekend. I freighted all my stuff to the island and then surprised my brother by picking him up at school.

Getting my stuff home on the island and all unpacked in my house was a serious struggle but it’s pretty much done now, thank god, and some help from my little bro. And okay can I just say summer on Peaks Island is the actual best, it’s so pretty and relaxing and I love it. I definitely grew up in the right place. I like to obnoxiously hashtag my instagram photos #mostbeautifulplaceonearth but seriously it’s true, I am not lying, come see for yourself. Or don’t, tourists sort of suck. Anyways, my island is perfect. I’m glad I’m here for a little bit this summer to soak it in. Ive been taking bike rides and laying at the beach. The photo with this post is from a friend’s porch the other night. Tell me that it’s not beaut. Also funny side story: I was riding the ferry boat home the other day and overheard some island kids who are like 15 talking and one of them said to his friends, “my parents took away my boat because I was hot boxing it.” I thought to myself wow that is the definition of #islandkidproblems

It is really nice to see my family and friends here but in all seriousness I get antsy when I have little to do so I am really ready for Aidan to get here in about a week and then we are off to Samaipata, Bolivia for the summer so you have to check back for when I blog about it…It’ll be awesome I think. Also it is almost my birthday in just a few days and it is a big one (hint: I can legally consume alcohol in the US) but oddly enough I am fleeing the country right after. Also one last thing even though this post is probably boring you to tears, my fall study abroad program finally emailed me a bunch of stuff so I am picking classes and getting a flight soon and stuff for the fall which is actually weirdly soon and I am so amped. I am really excited to blog about living in San Jose, Costa Rica in the fall because this blog may be shared with a bunch of students at my school which is kinda scary and makes me need to write like uhm well but it’s also pretty cool.

Okay happy summer, I hope you are in a beautiful and/or warm place! un beso desde Maine



Author: maxineisland

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