Verano Peaks Style

la foto

With summer more than half over, I felt like writing a quick update! Being back on Peaks has been really nice this summer. I love the island. Living at home is actually really good, especially because Aidan is living here too 🙂 I’m working at the ice cream store and also as a server at a restaurant called the Pepper Club. Aidan is working at the Inn on Peaks. When we are not working (rare) we spend most of our time time on the beach. The picture above is one of my favorites from the summer. I have had some time to read and it’s nice to be back with my friends even if we are all too busy.

In about exactly a month I will be moving to Manhattan, NYC with Aidan for school. I can’t believe it is so soon but I’m excited to live in the city. I am finally registered for classes and I will be back in school… Also gotta find a job but that will come.

As for future travel plans, my next big idea is to go to Panama and Costa Rica with Aidan this winter! We have to save money but that’s the goal. Stay posted. Besos desde Maine. MaxxSienna


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