Moroccan Birthday

As I write this I am in my bedroom in Maine, first morning home! Last time I wrote was back in Tangier. We met a fantastic group of people at our hostel there who celebrated my birthday with us. We went out to another interesting but fun Moroccan club and on Sunday we made a delicious dinner of mac n cheese to eat on the hostel roof. Then my new Australian friend Josh who is the nicest surprised me with a cake he whipped together in the hostel kitchen! People are just super awesome, it was a great birthday spent on the beach in the amazing city of Tangier 🙂

After Tangier we went to a close by beach town called Assilah where we were able to swim and hang out for a while. We had some hitchhiking and other adventures there. It was sort of a crazy little town but very pretty. After Assilah we took a train to Rabat. We had heard it was a boring city but we thought we should see the capitol anyways. It turned out to be a really nice city and I sort of wish we had had more time there. We couch surfed with two super sweet German girls living in a great apartment in the old part of the city by the water. We did some shopping there and exploring then headed back to Casablanca.

In Casa we stayed at our friend Simo’s house again. It was super good to see him and all his friends again. It was a great way to end the trip. We went out with them to a bar in the nice waterfront area of the city and even heard a bit of live music our last night. Our flights were smooth and we had another one night layover in Istanbul, Turkey. We didn’t do much this time we were there but I certainly want to go back to Turkey some day.

Now I am happily back on Peaks Island for the rest of the summer but ill miss Morocco, what a fabulous place. Ill keep you posted with coming adventures, xoxoMaxxSienna


Author: maxineisland

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