Gateway to the Mediterranean

We have reached the water again! Fallon and I are both water people, so we were really excited to get to Tangier today and see the massive beautiful blue Strait of Gibraltar. Last I wrote we were off to Chefchaouen, the blue city. Chefchaouen was great, a small mountain town that we wandered for ages. We also spend a great deal of time there either eating or reading on the rooftop of our hostel. I took a million pictures because everything really is blue, its beautiful and so unique. Like other Moroccan cities there are so many antique stores with metal jewelry, boxes, teapots, etc. very enticing. We also tried out a traditional Hammam bathhouse were Moroccans go to bathe. An older woman scrubs your dead skin off and washes you with oils and then warm water. It’s an odd experience but was not to be missed.

The bus today was short and as usual I really enjoyed watching the towns and countryside go past. Our hostel here in Tangier seems nice. I am excited to be here this weekend to celebrate my birthday! The ocean looks fantastic and we are happy to be here. Besos!


Author: maxineisland

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