Fez Fes?

So we made it to the desert and stayed in a crazy little remote place just outside the town of Merzouga. They had a pool and Fallon and I were basically the only people there. We lounged by the pool, ate Moroccan food, and talked with the people working there. It was really nice. The desert stars were amazing and we did a sunset camel ride. Our guide’s name was Mohamed of course and we learned the camels don’t have names because they eat them.. After we left the Sahara, unfortunately Fallon got quite sick on the bus to Fez. We ended up getting off of the bus and staying in the Meknes hospital for a little while. Basically we have now had our very own Moroccan hospital experience, not something I would want to repeat, but we were treated extremely well which was awesome and Fallon is all better now. The Moroccan doctors mostly spoke no English what so ever but somehow we found our way. Some really  sweet nurses took me to the grocery store and checked on us throughout our stay. Really kind people. We also got to see a bit of the city of Meknes which wasn’t planned but was a surprisingly lovely city!

Finally yesterday we made it to Fez and I am so happy to be here, the city is huge and old and beautiful. Our hostel is great and we have met some cool people here. Today we spend hours wandering the Medina and we got to also see a tannery which the city is famous for. They smell a lot, but it was definitely worth seeing! The Medina has everything and is much lest touristy than Marrakech. This city is excellent.

On another note, we think the Irish actor who plays Joffrey in Game of Thrones is sleeping in our hostel dorm room with his friends…we have chatted with him a bit but still haven’t asked to be certain but we definitely think so, so thats cool :p They seem nice and he has the same name as the actor so yeah haha

Okay well we are doing great and in the next little while we will head to our next stop Chefchaoen! Until then besos MaxxSienna



Author: maxineisland

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