Avocado Smoothies among other new things

So my mom was asking about the food. The most common traditional Moroccan is Tagine and Couscous both of which we have been eating a lot of. I can get both vegetarian which is great. They also eat a lot of French food like omlettes, crepes, paninis, and such. Everyone also loves to drink mint tea, we have been drinking it many times a day. It’s delicious and instead of going to bars Moroccans go to coffees and drink endless glasses of mint tea and nos nos (half coffee half milk). Young people get together and drink orange juice.. Although they do sometimes drink alcohol its on special occasions. Another popular drink here is the avocado smoothie that I am putting up a picture of, it was interesting but I can’t say I loved it.
Anyways when I left off we were in Marrakech. Some people in our hostel who had just been to Essouira told us that if a shaggy haired guy named Mohamed approached us on that beach that he was actually cool and we should go here his band play. Sure enough our first few minutes here in Essouira yesterday a guy started talking to us on the street and we just kept walking but then he said something about his band and Fallon remembered and goes, “wait are you Mohamed?” He was like, how did you know? Hahaha he turned out to be nice and we went and heard his band play in a restaurant during dinner. For my Aunt Julia: He said they played Moroccan blues but they also played some English reggae music (maybe for our benefit) anyways it was cool to see.
We have just been walking around Essouira a lot, it’s a cool coastal small town and we really like it here even though it’s windy and actually kind of chilly. Our hostel is super hippy and cool (people paint stuff all over the walls). I’m in the process of uploading some more pics on my facebook right now. We also checked out the beach today which is windy but still cool to see. The water isn’t warm but its also not cold. It appears that only male Moroccans get in bathing suits and swim at all, at least here.
A note on Names: Not only is almost every male named Mohamed but every street is named Mohamed which is very confusing. Also streets sign are virtually non existant (maybe because every one is named the same thing?)
Okay so tomorrow we are headed to the desert and Sahara area, can’t wait. Besos desde Morocco MaxxSienna


Author: maxineisland

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