El Fin

Quick Update: It is almost over! Two weeks from today and I will be leaving Towson for good, packing up my car and driving to Maine. I am so excited to get these exams out of the way and be done. In 20 days I will be in Morocco with Fallon which is crazy soon. I have to pack and plan a bit more but we are so excited. Our first destination (after a layover in Istambul, Turkey) is Casablanca. I will definitely try to blog a few times the month we are there and get pictures up too! After that I will be back in Maine for the rest of the summer (although I’m not entirely sure where) I will be working. Also Aidan is coming to Maine which I’m really excited about. I still do not know what I will be doing come fall but hopefully something new and awesome! It’s pouring rain here today and really gross all I can think about is how excited I am for whats to come soon.


Author: maxineisland

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