Brooklyn, NYC

Brooklyn, NYC

Aidan and I just got back to Goucher because it is the last night of break 😦 New York was great as always. I love this city and will hopefully be living there come September.. We stayed in Park Slope in Brooklyn at Aidan’s uncle’s house. It was really nice and the area was great. We packed a lot into our trip, three college tours, a concert (the band internet–who were great), seeing the highline park and walking ALL over the place, MOMA, The New Museum, and catching up with family friends, am ong other things. Also we got tickets to a Nets game at the new Barclay Center Stadium which was so much fun! I am putting up a pic because we were so high up and it was really cool. Yesterday once we were back in DC the weather got randomly super nice and so we spontaneously went to the zoo! Today I was sad to come back and I don’t have a lot of time to write because I have a lot of homework even though it’s supposed to be vacation. Lame. But only 8 more weeks of school for me and then I will be leaving Goucher forever and headed to Morocco, Emocionante! Un Beso


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