San Juan, Puerto Rico, Isla de Encanto

Fallon and I are home. We had a fantastic week of summer in the middle of this cold Maine winter. We flew down to San Juan about a week ago during a big storm. We had some trouble getting on our flight but we eventually got to Puerto Rico at three in the morning. Everyone on the plane cheered and sang the Puerto Rican national anthem. We made our way to the lovely Palace Hostel before stripping off our warm clothes passing out.

We spent most of the week on the beach. We went to three different beaches. The lovely Condado Beach only a few minutes from our hostel, Ocean Park Beach with lots of windsurfers to watch, and Piñones Beach which is gorgeous and just outside San Juan. The water feels like a bathtub down there and the weather is virtually always perfect. When we weren’t at the beach we explored old San Juan, the old part of the city that is walled in and has pretty forts on either side of it.

We were lucky enough to meet a bunch of other cool travelers and locals to hang out with. We ate great food (the avocados and mangos are enormous!), had some great drinks, and good times. We were in the city during the San Sebastian festival which was loco and pretty cool to experience. All and all a really great week. It was hard to say bye to our new friends and come back to snow again, but it’s always good to be in Maine. In just a week I will be back in Baltimore for another semester of school. The next trip on my horizon is a trip to Morocco with Fallon in May… Gotta start planning that!

Okay, all My Puerto Rico pictures are on facebook so check them out if you want! Heres one pic of us on the beach.



Author: maxineisland

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