My family is back from New Orleans. We had a great few days in Louisiana. This picture is of the city skyline. It’s not a great picture and actually none of the pictures I got are great because I left my camera at home on accident and was just using my phone but none the less they are all on my facebook for you to check out if you want!
I am sold on the city of New Orleans. It isn’t huge but it has a lot of personality. The weather this time of the year was chilly but much warmer than Maine of course. We rented an apartment from Air BnB right off of magazine street. I thought it was pretty cute, and we got a rental car (that we only got towed once..). We were able to see a lot of the city.
The French Quarter is the touristy part of town but it is really beautiful like everyone says with all the metal balconies and narrow streets. My mom and I went out on Frenchman street the last night to hear some live music which is one of the best things about New Orleans and was one of my favorite parts of the trip. We also drove around the parts of the city with the Caribbean style colored houses. They are painted in bright multi-colors and have cute porches and shutters. We also saw the areas most damaged by Katrina and it was fascinating to see how even now you can still see a lot of the damage.
we ate a lot of good food on the trip, went on a swamp tour (my brother bought an alligator head), and drove over the worlds longest bridge. Thanks to my parents for bringing us, I think everyone had a good trip. Now we are back at home in Maine where it’s cold again!
I can’t believe tomorrow is New Years Eve. I have plans with my friends here to see Badfish live and then ring in 2014. It’s gonna be a good year I can tell! Stay posted because I’m traveling to Puerto Rico really soon and hopefully will have better pictures xxxMaxineSienna


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