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I am finally leaving Baltimore in a few days! I know I was just in Maine recently and it was awesome, but I am excited to go back again. I miss Peaks and Portland, Towson just does not even compare. I am so glad this semester is over even though it hasn’t been too bad and I think I am ready for semester two…maybe. I have big plans for break. My family is going together for a week to New Orleans! I have never been there so this should be pretty cool, plus I actually think it should be fun to have all five of us in my family there together. We leave in only a week. I plan to put up at least one post while I’m there and get some cool pictures. So stay posted for that. Then alsoooo over break Fallon and I are going to Puerto Rico for a week. I am really excited for this getaway with Fallon. We found a great looking cheap hostel right by the beach in San Juan. I am beyond excited to get into a bathing suit and be on the beach and go out in the awesome city of San Juan! I will try to post when I am there as well! Happy end of 2013 everyone I think 2014 will be good and hopefully bring even more travel opportunities to blog about.. Besos desde Maryland MaxxSienna


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