I am here at college and all moved in. I had a nice two day drive from Maine. I slept in New Jersey and met some awesome new cousins 🙂 Pre Season for cross country has been killing me… I am excited for my roomate to move in tomorrow and for school to start. This picture is the wall at the end of my bed in my dorm, can you tell what is on my mind 😦 xoxo for now besos.


Nueva Yorkk

Nueva Yorkk

Well as you can see i did make it to New York a few weeks ago! I went with three of my friends from the Island. It was a super spontaneous trip but a lot of fun. We stayed in Brooklyn which was way cooler than I thought. I hadn’t ever spent a ton of time in Brooklyn before. We explored, shopped, went out, the whole deal. We packed a lot into a short time.
After New York I went camping with my family. I don’t think I have any pictures of it though. My dad hurt his back so we couldn’t go to our normal spot. Instead we stayed at a family friends condo on a nice lake. Swimming in lakes is awesome, possibly best kind of swimming. I also finally started to do a little more running. I am super not ready fro cross country at school though! I leave for school (moving to Baltimore) in just a week!