Is this real life?

So I have been home nearly 3 weeks now and have not given an update at all, (i know you are all so curious and everything). It was surreal to come home. It has been awesome to see my family and friends of course. They are all still just as great as I remember. Portland is mostly the same, it feels smaller though. Peaks Island is Gorgeous right now. Best time of the year here and I am happy to be here. It’s hard to come home after such an amazing and different kind of year but I’m feeling really surprisingly good about being here. I have been too busy though! Coming back to my job here has been a little rough. I don’t love it, it doesn’t pay well, and it takes up way to much of my few beautiful summer days. It makes me exhausted and I don’t see my family and friends enough or run enough! Sooooo I may need some time off soon. Well I guess that’s it. I hope I didn’t sound complainy. I am feeling good and enjoying the summer! My life is constantly changing, wow. I miss Argentina and everyone there a lot but I guess it gets easier each day that goes by and I also know ill be back. I am still getting ready for going to Baltimore very soon. I hope I am in shape to run and ready for classes again. I want to plan my next trip as well. I am going to be itching to go somewhere new before long I think. Okay much love from my home sweet home, the most beautiful Island on earth, the one and only Peaks Island. Besos ❤


Author: maxineisland

Live Out Loud

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