Final Facebook Status

This is what I posted on facebook about leaving tomorrow and I think it sums it up, so here it is as well:

Okay this might be long but here it goes! It’s my last night here so you can officially cry for me Argentina! Because I am going to be crying for you…

Well it has been an adventure, to say the least, and I’m not exactly ready for it all to be over just yet, but hey life is all sort of an adventure right? And I’m excited to see what is in store next for me.

Thank you so much to all the truly amazing people I have have had the extreme pleasure of meeting this year. You guys from all corners of the world who lived with me in hostels and traveled with me (on a million buses) to unbelievable places. You know who you are. You were the perfect company and I am grateful to have met all of you.

Thank you to all the people I met living in South America who showed me their cities and their homes and good times. I want to thank you for being so damn awesome, you made my experiences very real and rewarding. I am one damn lucky girl! Especially thank you to Gaston, Maria, Lautaro, Clara, and Catalina. Living with you the past several months was seriously fantastic. You are such a cool family and I will miss living with you like crazy! Also to Andrea my closest friend in Bs As as my time here would not have been the same without you…AT ALL. And don’t worry ill be back.

Also thank you to my Mom ( Carol), Dad, Charlotte, Elias, and everyone back home, all my family and friends, who support me and mostly believe in me and even read my long blogs. I love you all and I really do miss you and am really excited to see you!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to South America, yep the whole continent, for being this crazy, inspiring, beautiful, and amazing place to live this year, especially Buenos Aires which is my new home away from home. I love you Buenos Aires more than you know and I can only hope you love me too ;p I will miss you like…a ton (but only until I come back…jaja) Besos. Chao for now!


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