I saw the president

Saturday was 25 de Mayo which is a holiday here sort of like independence day but different, it was the end of the revolution. I went to the plaza with Emma and it was pretty crazy. Somehow we ended up in the middle of the plaza itself (plaza de Mayo) and we literally could not move. I was told later there were some 700,000 people there. Glad we didn’t get trampled. There was music, fireworks, and most exciting Cristina the President who I got to hear speak. She is a quite a controversial lady and I am not knowledgeable enough to say if I like her or not but it was cool to see!

Sunday night was fun as well. I went out with Millie, a girl from my Spanish class and some of her friends we literally stayed out until the next day, only in Buenos Aires… this is an awesome city and I am going to miss it so much.

Today there was a huge rain storm and the apartment flooded :/ But all is well now! xoxo


Birthday Fun

Birthday Fun

Andrea and I went to a big (and really fun) birthday party of our friend Matias last weekend. My birthday is in a few weeks…stay posted! Everything is great as ever down here. BA is finally starting to get a little chilly. Almost done with Spanish school, the time flew by, and happy with everything I have been up to. besos.