Capitol Hopping

So I went back to Uruguay this weekend with my friend Andrea! We had a fantastic time and now my passport is renewed with another 90 days here in Argentina as well. This trip I visited Montevideo, the capitol of Uruguay. After work on Friday we took a 1 hour boat ride and 2 hour bus to be in Montevideo by evening. To me it seems crazy that in just a few hours one can go from one capitol city to another.

We stayed in a really cool hostel called unplugged in the barrio Positos and met a bunch of cool people there. It was the place to be.. on Saturday they even took us to a party. Andrea had some friends in Uruguay as well who took us out and who were really nice. We got taken out to eat, driven around the city, and had all our questions answered. Super nice, thank you 🙂

On Saturday we rented bikes from the hostel and explored the city for the entire day. We biked along the river and through the old center of the city. Anyone who says Montevideo is just a smaller Buenos Aires has clearly not visited. It is really different, and dare I say it, more beautiful. In my opinion Buenos Aires has a lot more life to it which I love, but I also enjoyed the change of pace in the more tranquillo city of Montevideo. People give Montevideo very mixed reviews (Maria told me one should go to Montevideo to write sad poetry…haha that may be true) but I think it’s great. I put up pictures on facebook if you are interested and I am posting one picture here of me by the water, beach and city in the background.

I was sad when it was time to head back, too short a trip! I was back in my flat by night time and today was back to the regular school week routine. It was good to see the kids again though ❤



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  1. Nice posts! Love how you love every place you go ☺

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