Empanadas and Quilmes (the simple joys)

I recently discovered that empanadas are orderable on the internet to have delivered to my front door. How cool is that? Or I can be less lazy and walk half a block to an amazing empanada place around the corner. When Andrea and I get together our tradition has started to become Empanadas&Quilmes beer. Always. It is the best.

Not a ton is new here. Spanish school is going well. It is hard to believe I am in my fourth week of it already. I’ve met some cool people through the Spanish school. Some friends from there and I went to an outdoor music show last weekend. It was called Open Air and it was a cool afternoon patio bar with 2 bands and a few DJ’s. Apparently it’s every Saturday all summer but that was the last one. I wish I had discovered it before then…

I met two other girls living here who are also extranjeras. They are super nice and it is fun to have more people to hang out with! I am going to put up a Picture of all of us (Andrea is in it too). Alejandra is from Mexico and Kim is from South Africa. This is us in Sugar Bar Palermo.

Last week Andrea and I checked out China Town Buenos Aires which was small but really cool and now I am dying to go back. On the weekend we went to the San Telmo market which I hadn’t gone to since my mom and sister were here. It is one of my favorite parts of this city. The middle section is antiques and the streets are filled with handicraft vendors and tango dancers on the corners. We strolled around the market, ate in a cafe, and took pictures in front of the Casa Rosada.

We are planning on going to Uruguay not this weekend but the one after. I am already really excited. Last time I was in Uruguay I was in Colonia and this time we are going to Montevideo so it will all be new and exciting. Plus I will get my visa renewed by crossing over. Perfecto πŸ™‚

On other exciting news I have bought new running sneakers and have been running in the evenings in the parks of Palermo. I can’t really measure how far I run but I think I am doing well getting back into it. The evenings are a good running temperature and the sunset over the city is awesome, I wish I ran with a camera. I downloaded a bunch of new music and I run with my iPod which I am super glad my mom and sister brought down to me, I had missed it!

I think that is all! Besitos desde Argentina MaxineSienna




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