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Hey everyone! So, yesterday I went back and looked through all my old blog posts and decided that the writing is not something I am incredibly proud of and the grammar and spelling are interesting…Hah. For the record, pretty much all of these posts were written hastily in the common areas of hostels with just enough internet connection for me to get them up on the net. I briefly considered editing them to something I am more proud of but then decided not to because really, why bother? As a whole I am proud of this blog and I am glad anyone who was interested could experience my travels with me as they unfolded. (Armchair traveling as my Nana calls it). Well now my question is where to go from here? I have rather enjoyed having a blog and putting up pictures and updates on my life. It’s especially fun for ME to go back and look at later! So I am going to keep this blog going even though I am (very sadly) no longer traveling. I know it probably wont be as interesting to read but, oh well…Here is an update for those curious.

I am currently living in a lovely flat in Recoleta, Buenos Aires. I live with an amazing family who I am super grateful to have been put in touch with. They are pretty great. I nanny for their three kids. Twin five year old girls (pictured earlier–bunnies) Clara and Catalina, and an eight year old boy, Lautaro. I live in a little bedroom behind the kitchen. It is just the right size for me and I like being steps from coffee right when I get out of bed.

In the mornings here I get to hang out with Lautaro and help with his homework which is quite fun I have to say. I like doing math word problems in Spanish and helping with English. (Lautaro also helps me with my Spanish homework. And yes it makes me feel super smart to have an eight year old correct my homework, but he enjoys it!). When he goes off to school I do too.

So…Spanish school. I decided to make the most use of my time here and actually study Spanish while living here. I took a placement test at a Spanish school near my house (pleasant ten minute walk!) and I got placed in an upper intermediate class. It is a few hours every weekday afternoon. There are only a few other students and the teachers are really great. They talk exclusively in Spanish and manage to make class fun but really educational I think. Basically if you ever find yourself living in BA, Argentina, I recommend InterSpanish school!

Some afternoons I pick up Clara and Catalina at jardin and play with them and some days not. If I am not working I do a lot of reading and writing on other projects I am working on. It’s a pretty tranquilo life I am living…can’t complain. 🙂

I have several friends in the city but my closest friend is Andrea. She was pictured before as well. She is the American nanny for the family that is BEST friends with my family. They eat dinner together a lot and the kids are all friends, it’s really sweet. Andrea is new here as well (although she used to live here) and is super nice. She is my partner for going out! We are planning to go to Uruguay again together soon as well to renew our visas :p

So what is coming in the future? Well, I am going to savor every minute living here because I love it and even once I leave I know I will be back. It is fall now and heading towards winter (not that it’s cold by my standards at all) and when it gets to be winter/summer back home I will be headed back to Maine for a bit. It’s coming too quickly! There are so many people I will be really excited to see though! Also some things I miss like my clothes and my car. I am still planning to attend college this coming year. We will see how it goes… I will be running as well which is something I will be ready to get back too. I know ill be traveling again soon though because that is just who I am! We will have to see where I land next… Un besos desde Argentina <3MaxineSienna


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