Time to be a Niñera

So I am moved in and settled in with an amazing family in Buenos Aires. I am the nanny for three super adorable kids. I love my little room and pretty much everything about where I live. It already feels different to not be on the road. I got my hair trimmed by my host mom, my clothes are in drawers not a backpack, I have regular meal times, and I even paint my nails. I like the routine I am falling into.

Another thing is that the family has a super super cute puppy named Lucy.I put her picture up the other day. I am really lucky to be surrounded by such good people.. and animal. I have a new friend too. She is the nanny for really close family friends.

So I am adding some photos. These are of our deck, my bedroom, and the living room in the flat. Normally it’s a lot cleaner than this picture haha. Anyways more soon!





Back to School

I am headed back to school, can you believe it? Yes, on Monday I start Spanish school. I will be taking lessons every afternoon in a small group. I walked to the school today and took my placement test today and I am actually really excited to start class next week. I met my classmates and I think it’s gonna be awesome. Besos ❤

Family in BA

The last day in Rosario I met a nice Brazillian guy and we spent the day together taking a cool boat tour on the river, walked around a lot, and swam. I was sad to leave Roasrio the next day, I think it is a fantastic city. I took a bus to Buenos Aires and then a subway to my hostel.

I really like my new city and I am happy to call it home for the next few months. Then next day I went to a new neighborhood and met my mom and sister who had just flown in. I was really excited to see them and it is great to have them here for a little bit.

We went to Uruguay for a bit which was cool. We took a boat to the lovely city of Colonia. It is a cute port city that oddly enough reminded us a bit of the old port in Portland. We borrowed bikes from our hostel and went biking along the water to an old bull fighting ring.

I haven’t written much the whole time they have been there because we have been really busy exploring everything in the city, eating lots of ice cream, and hanging out. I can’t believe they already leave tomorrow! I am really excited to move in with the family I am working for though. We went to dinner at their house and I already really like the kids the seem nice and super cute 🙂 The parents seem great too. I probably wont be blogging quite as much now that I am settled in but maybe occasionally so stay posted. Besos, Sienna