Time to be a Niñera

So I am moved in and settled in with an amazing family in Buenos Aires. I am the nanny for three super adorable kids. I love my little room and pretty much everything about where I live. It already feels different to not be on the road. I got my hair trimmed by my host mom, my clothes are in drawers not a backpack, I have regular meal times, and I even paint my nails. I like the routine I am falling into.

Another thing is that the family has a super super cute puppy named Lucy.I put her picture up the other day. I am really lucky to be surrounded by such good people.. and animal. I have a new friend too. She is the nanny for really close family friends.

So I am adding some photos. These are of our deck, my bedroom, and the living room in the flat. Normally it’s a lot cleaner than this picture haha. Anyways more soon!





Back to School

I am headed back to school, can you believe it? Yes, on Monday I start Spanish school. I will be taking lessons every afternoon in a small group. I walked to the school today and took my placement test today and I am actually really excited to start class next week. I met my classmates and I think it’s gonna be awesome. Besos ❤

Family in BA

The last day in Rosario I met a nice Brazillian guy and we spent the day together taking a cool boat tour on the river, walked around a lot, and swam. I was sad to leave Roasrio the next day, I think it is a fantastic city. I took a bus to Buenos Aires and then a subway to my hostel.

I really like my new city and I am happy to call it home for the next few months. Then next day I went to a new neighborhood and met my mom and sister who had just flown in. I was really excited to see them and it is great to have them here for a little bit.

We went to Uruguay for a bit which was cool. We took a boat to the lovely city of Colonia. It is a cute port city that oddly enough reminded us a bit of the old port in Portland. We borrowed bikes from our hostel and went biking along the water to an old bull fighting ring.

I haven’t written much the whole time they have been there because we have been really busy exploring everything in the city, eating lots of ice cream, and hanging out. I can’t believe they already leave tomorrow! I am really excited to move in with the family I am working for though. We went to dinner at their house and I already really like the kids the seem nice and super cute 🙂 The parents seem great too. I probably wont be blogging quite as much now that I am settled in but maybe occasionally so stay posted. Besos, Sienna

My New Home

I have made it to Argentina which is where ill be until my return to the US!

On my last day in Chile, Linda, James and I went for a long walk and ended up seeing some pro bikers from the Valparaiso redbull bike competition making some videos. We watched them for a while and got some really cool photos. They were pro bikers from Colorado and when I posted a photo someone frm back home recognized it from a video they had seen recently, how cool is that? It was also James´s birthday so we got ice cream and took a boat ride in the harbor. Sadly I missed the birthday dinner that our New Chilean friends aunt made because I was off to Argentina..

The bus crossed the border at three in the morning and we had to get off and stand in the cold (up in the middle of the andes). I had to hand over my 160 dollar visa…ouch sucks to American yet again. When we got back on the bus they gave us coffee which was odd because we were on a crazy cravel road and it was the middle of the night. 

I got to Mendoza in the early morning and found my hostel. Mendoza was bigger than I imagined. I liked the city a lot. I did a lot of walking and swam in the hostel pool. I was able to buy Argentinean pesos on the street with my Chilean pesos. Then I went on a wine tour and tasting to some nearby vineyard. It was cool to see and the wine was good but really expensive. I met a super nice group of Dutch girls on the tour and we hung out all night back in the city. 

From Mendoza I took a bus to Cordoba, the second biggest city here. I didn´t stay long but it was a nice city to explore. I met a group of Chilean guys in my hostel who were on vacation from university. I got to practice my Spanish with them and go out with them. It was a fun night. The next morning I got up early though to find a bus here to Rosario.

The AC on the bus to Rosario was broken so everyone had literally broken a sweat when we got here. I love Rosario. It is a big and beautiful city along a river. I took a long walk and explore yesterday and today I am gonna hit the beach 🙂 Tomorrow as hard as it is to Believe I am off to Buenos Aires my new home. Also to meet my mum and sister who fly in!

I have a bunch of new picture on facebook and if you aren´t friends with me and want to friend me please do! For real. Also if you want to get my blog posts emailed to you, you can sign up at the bottom right corner where it says follow 🙂 Besos, Sienna