Hey everyone I am safely in Chile now. It is hot and I am happy!

Last time I wrote was in La Paz. The buses weren’t running because all the bus drivers were still Borracho (drunk) from Carnaval. Luckily the next day I was able to head out in a collectivo for the village of Coroico which is only a few hours from La Paz. The town is so much hotter than La Paz but I managed to do a little hiking. Coroico is super gorgeous up on a mountain overlooking a valley. I met a nice Argentinian in my hostel and we found a cute restaurant and hung out all night. Unfortunately I had to leave the next day and head back to the city.

I was going to head to Chile that very night but all the buses were full. Instead I tried out a new hostel in La Paz (by this point La Paz is starting to feel like home). I ended up glad to be in La Paz that night because it was valentines day and there was a big party. I helped set up and met a lot of cool people in the hostel.

The next day I got on a bus with James and Chad, two Australians from my hostel and we were off to Chile! The Chilean border was the most legit border I have experienced down here. They had actual bag scanners! Fortunately everything was pretty smooth and we arrived in Arica Chile in the early hours of the morning.

Arica was super hot but I loved it. We spent most of our time on the beach and eating food. I have some beautiful beach pictures here on facebook if you are interested. After that we all headed to Iquique, a beach town a little farther down the coast and a little larger. I am really enjoying it here. We spend most of our time in bathing suits, sandy and wet. Not too much more to report on but as always you can check my pictures 🙂 soon ill be going even further south to Santiago. Much love! xxxSienna


Author: maxineisland

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