CarnavalOruro, supposedly the best after RioBrazil!

Hey there! I have some time to blog today because I am stuck in La Paz…there are no buses today for no apparent reason. I guess there are worse places to be stuck! Hopefully tomorrow I will be on my way.

I had just gotten to Oruro last time I updated. I was lucky enough to meet a really nice Dutch couple and we found a nice and basic place to get rooms for Carnaval. I twas exciting to be there just a few days before Carnaval and see all the preparation and set up. They were mostly building huge bleachers in the street and hanging decorations.

I went back to La Paz before Carnaval started just to be back in the city for a day. I ran into a friend from Ecuador in La Paz and he decided to join me in Oruro for Carnaval. When we got to the bus station friday morning it was an absolute mob of people trying to get buses to Oruro. I think we got really lucky…after waiting only a short time we ran into a nice English couple and two English brothers. We were able to pay slightly more and get a collective down to Oruro! It was a fun car ride and we all become friends. It was an awesome group to spend the weekend with.

Arriving back in Oruro was really exciting and the city was totally different. Transformed into a big crazy Carnaval! The next three days we basically just watched parades all day, ate food, and drank in the street with everyone. The parades are pretty fantastic. 35,000 dancers! The costumes are quite amazing. Another fun part of Carnaval is foam spray. Yes the entire city turns into one big foam spray and water gun fight. You cannot really go anywhere without being covered. It’s a pretty epic battle I have to say. You all will just have to trust me about how cool the foam fights and parades looked because I really didn’t take out my camera at all during the weekend. It’s sad not to have pictures but at least my camera wasn’t stolen like two of the people in my group!

After Carnaval we headed back here to La Paz. I love this city and we had a lot of fun going out last night but today my friends headed out on a plane for the jungle and I am ready to leave because I have been here so much! I hope the buses are running tomorrow..Oh well. Everything is great and pretty soon I will be off to Chile. Much love and hope everyone in Maine is enjoying the snow I’m jelly! xxxSienna


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