im on peaks for a week. its so good to be home briefly. i miss spain already but im excited for my next adventure in colombia…stay posted.



So I got some Valencia photos up on my facebook to be checked out! The beach was chilly but fun for sure. I loved the flea market. So good to chill with Cece and Laura this weekend…we have been having a lot of fun together and we have done so much. Tomorrow I will do a bit of exploring on my own. Besos.


I am safely in Valencia. Haven’t seen a ton of the city yet but it seems nice even though it’s rainy. I am meeting Cece this morning! I am hoping tomorrow is nicer because I want to check out the beach here. The beach in Barcelona was awesome. Soon I will get some Valencia pics up!


Jean and Luna flew home this morning which is sad because we have had a lot of fun. I am excited though to explore some on my own. I moved into a cool hostel today called hostel one malasana. I will be here two nights before I am off to Barcelona! Madrid is a great city and ill be a little sad to leave. I have posted the last of my Madrid photos on my facebook so check them out! Thanks to my friends who reads this blog even if they find it boring. I mostly write it for myself to keep track of what I am doing but I love knowing you guys know what I am up to too. Besos.

New Hampshire time

I am a bit late uploading this photo but a few weekends ago I went up to New Hampshire for the weekend. I had so much fun with Emily, Jacob, Ashlee, and everybody at wms. Happy birthday to Emily who is 19 now and I love this photo of us back together.

This past weekend I went to Colby with Camille and Grace to visit Jesse. It was so good to see her, and the four of us had a really fun day together…I wish I had a picture!

I leave for Spain in 2 days, so hopefully ill have pictures soon…