It’s been a while since I’ve written…

Because not too much is new here in Arlington. The summer is winding down and school starts next Tuesday. Where did the time go? I still have a lot to do before I go to Spain and SouthAm. I leave DC a week from today for my road trip north…hello again Portland. The plan is to stay with Maegan at NYU in New York for a night! Then Stay with Fallon, Devon, and Gabby in Massachusetts for two nights 🙂 I am super super excited.


Paul, Diana, and Toby are home

It is good to have them back in the house, I missed them! I have more babysitting again and I really can’t believe that I will be back in Maine in less than three weeks. the summer is flying by crazy fast. Stay tuned to hear about my road trip to Maine…


Thanks Nick Zimmerman for giving me a tour of the pentagon today. The pentagon is crazy big, i didn’t know 25,000 people worked there wow…it was actually a really cool place.



So I got a great opportunity…I am going to go to Spain in Early October to watch the daughter of a good family friend. Luna is a cool kid and I am really excited to see Madrid with her and then I may stay a little longer on my own. This seems totally worth pushing my departure back a little bit for 🙂 yay