It’s been a while since I’ve written…

Because not too much is new here in Arlington. The summer is winding down and school starts next Tuesday. Where did the time go? I still have a lot to do before I go to Spain and SouthAm. I leave DC a week from today for my road trip north…hello again Portland. The plan is to stay with Maegan at NYU in New York for a night! Then Stay with Fallon, Devon, and Gabby in Massachusetts for two nights 🙂 I am super super excited.


Paul, Diana, and Toby are home

It is good to have them back in the house, I missed them! I have more babysitting again and I really can’t believe that I will be back in Maine in less than three weeks. the summer is flying by crazy fast. Stay tuned to hear about my road trip to Maine…


So I got a great opportunity…I am going to go to Spain in Early October to watch the daughter of a good family friend. Luna is a cool kid and I am really excited to see Madrid with her and then I may stay a little longer on my own. This seems totally worth pushing my departure back a little bit for 🙂 yay