So I am getting really excited about leaving in two months and I have finally started to do some serious planning. I have decided that I want to travel around a lot and see as much of South America as I can in a year. I think I am going to start in Colombia and head South along the Western side of the continent and then back up maybe through Brazil. I have been reading a lot of South America guidebooks and planning routes and Itineraries. I have a packing list and to do list started. I bought a hosteling international membership and I have been looking into visas, plane tix, and insurance. So much to do it’s crazy. I hope I have enough money saved from this summer. Stay posted it wont be too long until I am off! I will post my itinerary, packing list, and possible route just for fun when I get time.

Also thanks to my mom I now have Maine license plates on my car and it is registered and insured yay. I just hope I don’t have to sell it and it will still be mine to bring to college when I come back…I named the car Gitana because it is the cousin of Fallon’s car Gypsy.

Washington Nats

I went to my first ever major league baseball game. The DC Nationals stadium is huge, a step up from the seadogs. I had a lot of fun. The metro was crazy crowded but still Toby and I managed to meet up with Paul at metro center and get all the way there by train.


The Nats played the Mets and won 4-3. Paul got us all Nationals hats on the way out.



this is why

I made a blog so that when I travel (starting in the fall) my friends and family can follow my gap year adventures through pictures. Right now living in Virginia for the summer, I have a bit too much time on my hands I guess…so that is why I put up boring pictures and posts, but stay posted until October!